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Allie Gattor

b 1994, Montreal

Allie Gattor

b 1994, Montreal

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Allie Gattor is a self-taught artist born in Montreal in 1994, where she currently resides and works after growing up in Marseille, France. She holds a BA in cultural anthropology and an MA in museum studies. Her artistic practice consists mainly of drawings done in pen, pencil, marker, ink, and watercolor on paper of varying sizes, from tiny to life-size.

Like many other artists, her practice is a healing tool for daily tensions. Allie's creative process forms through everyday observation. It expands via the juxtaposition of a delicate sense of humor and prominent feminist undertones that often come from the autobiographical realm.

Allie's drawings' narratives come subconsciously, in the form of visions, rarely beginning with an overarching concept, instead going with the flow of lines, colors, and shapes to reach the final composition that she initially imagined. By providing merely generic single-word titles, she chooses to maintain a sense of elusiveness and would rather the audience make their own interpretations of her pieces.

With a fondness for the oddity of the human condition, she transfers situations or emotions she encounters onto paper in the form of a made-up world of deadpan characters. Although introspective and cathartic, her work is often relatable due to the recurring banal themes and scenes of domesticity portrayed, often tainted with feelings of angst, frustration, or boredom, but always with a playful twist.

Allie's work has been featured in shows in both North America and Europe and can be found in a growing number of private collections.


  • 2022 - Land of the Bland - Mayten’s, Toronto ON
  • 2022 - Radar - Galerie Hugues Charbonneau, Montreal QC
  • 2022 - Handmade - Galerie Louise et Reuben Cohen, Moncton NB
  • 2021 – Les liens du futur (Art Souterrain) – Edifice MBAM, Montreal QC
  • 2021 – The twelve labours of Hercules – Art Souterrain x Ubisoft, Montreal QC
  • 2020 – postponed (covid) – Agent Troublant, Marseille FR
  • 2020 – postponed (covid) – L'Affichiste, Montreal QC
  • 2020 – Jambon Klaxon – Sterput, Brussels BE
  • 2020 – Artch – Montreal QC
  • 2019 – Overserved – Gallery Parfois, Montreal QC
  • 2019 – Open Studios – PAF, Farrellton QC
  • 2019 – Blah-Blah Cloudmachine – Made by Millworks, Long Beach CA
  • 2019 – Girls in the Garage – 4301 Rue St-Denis, Montreal QC
  • 2019 – Futurable – Yellowfish Art, Montreal QC
  • 2019 – Short & Loud – PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Naples IT
  • 2018 – GIFC – L'Inconnue, Montreal QC
  • 2018 – Girls in the Garage – Artgang Plaza, Montreal QC
  • 2020 – Ghosts – Jambon Klaxon
  • 2017 – Letter – Retard Magazine
  • 2021 – Les encans de la quarantaine (curated by Leila Zelli)
  • 2021 – Créer des ponts - Art Souterrain residence
  • 2021 – Royaltees (t-shirt collaboration) – Artgang, Montreal QC
  • 2020 – Les encans de la quarantaine

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