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Claire Heidinger

Claire Heidinger


My practice challenges and reclaims stereotypes of Chinese women and their sexuality by interrogating fetishism fuelled by the gaze. Supplemented by an investigation into diasporic culture. Oil paintings and organic matter sculpture- rooted in identity, help redefine visions of postcolonialism through the confrontation of victimization with an unwavering stare - defiant and unafraid.
The history of cross-cultural trade of ceramics, globalization, and appropriation of Western powers have caused an influx in obsession of the chinoiserie. Simultaneously migrants from these same cultures leave their homelands and build new diasporic futures in unfamiliar lands. Working with the translation of porcelain patterns, food produce/products in connection with the body. Imitating memorialized designs hold a rich cultural history and organic objects that represent bodies and hold imprints on distorted diasporas.
My work shamelessly excretes an intimate, vulnerable, and grotesque depiction of loss through sexuality and beauty, alongside the porcelain organic produce. Our bodies remain resilient, but have been transformed by the violence and effects of colonialism, withering with each generation to come, and depleting itself back into our colonial landfill.


Claire Heidinger (she/her) is a Tkaronto-based Chinese-Canadian visual artist with a BFA from OCAD University, specializing in Drawing and Painting, and Art History. Investigating a visual fetishism created by the gaze, she creates large-scale oil paintings rooted in figuration and experiments with food produce in expanded painting. Claire’s practice is dependent on heavy research, motivated by diasporic sentimentality, identity, and accessibility. She is currently investigating diasporic hybrid cultures with the historical transposition of media in ceramics and painting to depict a loss of culture and history in migrant bodies. Claire has been awarded by the Ontario Council of Arts for emerging artists (2022) and is the co-founder of Common Collective Arts.


  • Sept 2017 - Apr - 2021 - OCAD University, BFA: Maj. Drawing & Painting, Min. Art History Toronto, ON
  • (Sept 2020 - Apr 2021) - DRPT Thesis Program
  • (Sept 2019 - Dec 2019) - Florence Self-Directed Study Program
  • 2020 - “OCADU Artist Alley”, OCAD University, Online
  • 2020 - “Lost in Translation”, Great Hall, OCAD University, Toronto *postponed*
  • 2019 - “Scusa?: Open Studio”, Florence Campus, OCAD University Florence Program, Florence, Italy
  • 2019 - “Tint Highlights”, Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto
  • 2019 - Common Collective Art’s “Tint”, Grand Canyon Theatre, Toronto
  • 2019 - “Moon Landing Festival”, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto
  • 2018 - “A Look Inside Studio Education”, Great Hall, OCAD University, Toronto
  • 2018 - CPAMO’s “The Gathering - Pluralism in Arts Practices: Contemporary Intersections”, Ada Slaight Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto
  • 2017 - “Reverence: Indigenous Art Show Featuring Arts Unionville”, Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora
  • 2021 - What Moves You?: UAL/OCAD Residency, Remote
  • 2019 - Aga Khan Museum, Artist Assistant to Kevork Mourad, North York Curatorial Experience
  • 2019 - “Scusa?: Open Studio”, Florence Campus, OCAD University Florence Program, Florence, Italy
  • 2019 - Common Collective Art’s “Tint”, Grand Canyon Theatre, Toronto
  • 2019 - “Moon Landing Festival”, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto
Professional Experience
  • 2020 OCAD University, Student Community Ambassador, Remote
  • 2018 - 2019 Aga Khan Museum, Visitor Services Representative, North York
  • 2016 - 2017 Varley Art Gallery, Information Services Attendant, Markham
  • 2017 Focus Academy, Art Instructor, Markham
  • 2017 Varley Art Gallery, Life Drawing Studio Assistant
  • 2020 - No Thoughts Collective, “One Q Interview” (Instagram)
  • 2020 - Quarantine Qapsule: Archiving Asian Canadian Stories, Myseum of Toronto “Purell against Blue and White Pattern”
  • 2020 - Gidra Magazine August 2020 edition, UCLA, “Purell against Blue and White Pattern”
  • 2020 - Rani Collective, “BLM Series: 03, Non-Black POC” (Instagram)
  • 2020 - Shedoesthecity, “Pandemic Art” (Instagram)
  • 2020 - What a Wonderful Women’s World, “Featured Artist: Claire Heidinger”
  • 2020 - Instudio, “Lost in Translation” feature
  • 2019 - NOW Magazine, “TINT”
  • 2019 - BlogTO, “TINT Art Show”
  • 2020 - Joseph Muscat Scholarship
  • 2019 - Sandy McQueen Memorial Scholarship
  • 2017 - Delaney Entrance Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Wallace Joyce Scholarship
  • Permanent Collections Award
  • Ontario Scholars Award

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