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"Earth Oracles’s" Panel Discussion Hosted by Gardiner Museum

Sunday, March 20th, 2022, 3-5 PM

We are delighted to present the recorded panel discussion accompanying the “Earth Oracles” exhibition on March 19th, 2022, hosted by Gardiner Museum. The panel was moderated by exhibitions curators Lindsay Montgomery and Farnoosh Talaee and featured the artists as panelists; Roxanne Jackson, Sasha Koozel, Marissa Alexander, Shannon Goff, and Sami Tsang.

The conversation centered on the role of Clay and Ceramic as an age-old material in contemporary art but instantly extended to cover a wider variety of topics and artists' experiences during the Q&A section. We were lucky enough to have Shary Boyle, who is currently wrapping up her solo exhibition on display at Gardiner, join the conversation. The panelists talked about their respective processes, what inspires them, how the perception of clay and ceramics is changing in current day times, as well as the age-old discussion about art versus craft. 

We do apologize for the inconsistent quality of the video and do hope the subtitles are of help. We aimed to publish the video because the conversation allowed us to glimpse into the world of ceramics we rarely get to experience.

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Roxanne Jackson, Indigo Kush ** 2016, Ceramic, glaze, luster, 13 x 20 x 12 ″

Fierce and Fantastical Experiments in Ceramics

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The ceramics-focused Earth Oracles is a garden of earthly delights, with sumptuous glazes and a mastery of the medium on proud display.

TORONTO — When ceramic artists place their hands in clay, they are echoing an expressive gesture that has been with humanity for some 20,000 years. With all that in mind, you might think there is no new ground for contemporary ceramicists — but, as Earth Oracles proves, nothing could be further from the truth. The group show at Mayten’s features 15 artists, each of whom has taken their ceramic practice in a unique and groundbreaking direction.

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"Earth Oracles's" Panel
Discussion Gallery

Sunday, March 20th, 2022, 3-5 PM | Toronto

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