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Hau Pham

Hau Pham


I aim to produce works that reflect myself, exploring ideas of the Asian feminine identity, to understand how one values themselves and how that value is determined by others. Translating these reflections with oil paint and found or made objects, my works communicate guilt, confusion and uncertainty embedded in the history of Ornamentalism.

The questioning of value is what drives my work. What does it mean to desire, care for, or idealize something? Has objectification ever been mistaken for love? Value is often placed in objects, and objects are considerably traced to identity. We use objects as indicators for how we see ourselves, or how we choose to understand others. But objects often are treasured solely for their face value beauty, and any other context is discarded.

Likewise, there is a perception of Asian women in the western world that reduces our worth to nothing more than a sexual item. In the same way that “foreign” artifacts from the east are housed in the museums of the countries that invaded them, Asian women are fetishized in such a way that is dehumanizing, and places strict value on how beautiful we are. When we see what value is placed upon us, it determines our daily routine, our aesthetic decisions, and how we understand ourselves when we look in the mirror.

My work seeks to delve into how we have ignored, or coped, or been aware of what is expected of us, and the resulting kinship and learned identity. My works personify the object, and objectify the individual, creating a tension between the two as they become inseparable.


Hau Pham is an emerging artist based in Vaughan, Ontario. She is a graduate of OCAD University (2021), with a BFA in Drawing and Painting and a minor in English. Her work draws heavy influence from her South-East Asian Heritage and Buddhist upbringing. Her artistic focus relies on the intersection of one's relationship with the object, and the perception of Asian women in the western world. Hau's research and inspiration is largely pulled from her personal experiences, and from her friends and family who fit into the same group identity. Her works attempt to reflect and investigate the guilt, exhilaration, and confusion of the Asian feminine experience.

Since graduating, she has been included in the group exhibition "moveObjects On" at The Plumb, had her debut solo show "Object of Affection" at Afternoon Projects, and was the first recipient winner of the Homepage for Change Grant for emerging BIPOC artists and designers with Juliet Creative.


  • 2021 – Present ALG Certificate in Studio and Gallery Management, NSCAD University
  • 2017 – 2021 Bachelor of Arts: Drawing and Painting, OCAD University
  • Minor: English
Solo Exhibitions
  • 2022 - Object of Affection, Afternoon Projects
Group Exhibitions
  • 2021 - Art Toronto, Afternoon Projects/Unit 17
  • 2021 - moveObjects On, The Plumb
  • 2021 - GradEx, OCAD University
  • 2021 - Scale: Fourth Annual Exhibition, T6
  • 2021 - Under Construction, OCAD University
Awards and Grants
  • 2022 - Project Grants for New Generation Artists, Ontario Arts Council
  • 2021 - Homepage for Change Grant, Juliet Creative
  • 2021 - Career Launcher Fund, OCAD University
  • 2021 - TSA Bursary for Full-time Students, OCAD University
  • 2020 - Delaney Bursary, OCAD University
  • 2017 - Fine Arts Scholarship Winner, Vaughan Film Festival
Professional Experience
  • 2021-Present - Community Animator, OCAD University
  • 2021 - Hybrid Course Collaborator, OCAD University
  • 2021 - Programs Assistant, Xpace Cultural Centre
  • 2020-2021 - Admissions Info Expert, OCAD University
  • 2020 - Virtual Programs Assistant, McMichael Canadian Art Collection
  • 2018-2020 - Visual Art and Art History Educator, McMichael Canadian Art Collection
  • 2017-2018 - Programs Educational Assistant, McMichael Canadian Art Collection
  • 2016–2018 - Gallery Guide, McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Artist Talks
  • 2021 - The Cataloguing and Categorization of Human Experience, GradEx
  • 2021 - from Us, to You, Xpace Cultural Centre
  • 2021 - Juliet’s platform for young BIPOC artists, The Message
  • 2021 - S.E.X, Gidra Media

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