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Sepehr HajiAbadi


Born in 1992, lives and works in Tehran, Iran. He evokes mutual feelings from the past and contemporaneous socio-political events to create his own terminology and bring a whole critical perspective. Particularly in his visual world, monochrome palette or natural colors applied side by side with as little mixing as possible to be more vivid to the viewer. He tries to employ overexposure scenes to either create a light, dreamy, impressionistic atmosphere or accentuate the effects of the passage of time. He intends to yield a discourse amid the narrative structures relying on reminiscence.

  • Graphic Diploma, Fine Art School of Karaj, Tehran, Iran, 2010
Selected Group Exhibitions:
  • New Drawing, Soo Contemporary Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2020
  • Face, Visage, Look, Dastan Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2020
  • Eastern Whistle, Aknoon Art Gallery, Isfahan, Iran, 2020
  • Seasonal Fruits, Zie Art Gallery, Shiraz, Iran, 2019
  • Sooatan, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2019
  • New Day, Curated by Fereydoun Ave, Lajevardi Foundation, Tehran, Iran, 2019
  • Dawn with Reality, Emrooz Art Gallery, Isfahan, Iran, 2018
  • Awarded for Illustration, Magical If’s book, Children’s Book Council of Iran, 2015
  • Awarded for the Best Stage Design, Willy Loman theater, Sooreh Art University, Tehran, Iran, 2013
  • Awarded for the Best Poster Design, The Caretaker theater, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, 2012
  • Awarded for the Best Poster Design, Mr. Max’s House theater, Sooreh Art University, Tehran, Iran, 2011
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